My name is Ali Hoss. I’m a multidisciplinary designer and UX/UI designer.

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LA Showroom Design System

Problem Statement:

The vendor dashboard at LA Showroom has been inundated with numerous requests for specific advertising spaces. While the desire for these spots is high, their availability is limited and insufficient to meet the demand.


Our solution entails establishing a comprehensive system that enables vendors associated with LAS to engage in a bidding process for reserving advertising spots. Additionally, an internal interface will be developed to ensure efficient management of these reservations.



By implementing a bidding-based system, the company aims to optimize revenue generation from advertising spots, capitalizing on the competitive nature of the bidding process.


Key Features:

  • Vendors will have the opportunity to place bids on spots one week in advance.
  • Users will be able to both purchase fixed advertising spots and place bids concurrently for selected spots. • Vendors will have the ability to choose a specific ad spot and preview how their content will appear.
  • A calendar view will display all available booking spots for each date, allowing vendors to make informed decisions. Real-time countdowns will indicate the time remaining until finalization of bids.
  • The calendar interface will offer visibility into all ongoing bids from different vendors.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 Senior UX Designer: This role involves contributing expert insights and actively participating in the design process, enriching the user experience and design outcomes.