My name is Ali Hoss. I’m a multidisciplinary designer and UX/UI designer.

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Starzon App, Shopping App UX/UI Design

Problem Defenition:

How many times do you watch movies and really want actor/actress clothes? All these brands aren’t expensive or custom designs but we can’t recognize them. Imagine you dress up like Bradley Cooper!




STARZON is an application that has integration with NETFLIX. Helps users to recognize brands in movie and series. You can read the product description and also buy them


Business Model:

This is a new method of affiliate marketing that combines e-commerce and the entertainment industry. This is not an independent product or app.
Starzon app works inside of Netflix app.




They have 139 million subscribers worldwide (190 countries). Also, they released more than 1,500 hours of original series and movies in 2018. Also, they have all data about the clothing that is used in the movies or TV shows.



Primary Persona:

Alexa working as a real estate agent and part-time model. She is a fashion trend tracker and usually the buyer of fashion trends. She has passionate about fashion and stars and loves to dress up like them. Fearless, when it comes to price, colors, fabrics, textures, and prints. Alexa wants to be the first one that dresses up like stars in her community



Starzon App UX design Ali Hoss

Starzon App UX design Ali HossStarzon App UX design Ali HossStarzon App UX design Ali HossStarzon App UX design Ali Hoss


My Role:

– UX/UI Designer

– Motion Graphics Designer