My name is Ali Hoss. I’m a multidisciplinary designer and UX/UI designer.

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LA Showroom Mobile App


Over the past years, smartphones have steadily dominated web traffic, prompting Google to incorporate mobile-friendliness into its search algorithm in March 2018. This shift reflects the trend of consumers favoring smartphones over desktops for site visits. With mobile devices becoming the primary gateway to the online world, it’s noteworthy that 50% of online sessions are initiated on smartphones, 41% on desktops, and only 9% on tablets. Despite this variance, order sizes exhibit interesting distinctions: desktops boast a 24% higher average item count per order compared to smartphones, while tablets exceed smartphones by 14%. This results in an average purchase of 3.6 units on desktops, 3.3 units on tablets, and 2.9 units on smartphones.




As online shopping gains further traction, the need arises for a mobile app to enhance conversion rates.

  • Business Benefits: Creating a mobile app enables swift item discovery, browsing, and shopping, ultimately driving improved conversion rates.
  • User Benefits: Users can conveniently browse and purchase their preferred items, even during off-days. The user-friendly nature of modern mobile apps adds to this advantage.
  • Key Results & Success Criteria: Elevated order likelihood, closely linked to user convenience and freedom.
  • Target Audience: Existing and new LAS buyers.



  • Home/Landing Page
  • Login
  • Registration
  • My Account
  • Orders
  • Items Storefront Pages
  • Navigation Listing
  • Item Information
  • Cart/Checkout
  • Miscellaneous



There’s a possibility of encountering responsive design challenges, necessitating tailored designs for various cellphone sizes.




A fully functional Mobile App.




  • UX/UI: 4 months
  • Front End: 6 months
  • Back End: 3 months
  • QA-Fixes-UAT: 4 weeks



  • Senior UX Designer
  • UX Design Manager