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LA Showroom Design System

Problem Statement:

The challenge at hand involves LA Showroom, a leading B2B online fashion marketplace, where designers, manufacturers, and distributors connect with global buyers through curated collections. LA Showroom comprises four key products: seller dashboard, buyer website, mobile browser website, and mobile app. Upon assuming leadership of the UX teams, it was evident that a comprehensive design system was lacking.


Rationale for a Design System:

Design systems serve as invaluable resources, streamlining operations and cutting costs by standardizing design choices that can be effortlessly scaled. Additionally, they elevate user experience by ensuring uniformity, recognizability, and accessibility at each interaction point.



Competitor Analysis:

A thorough analysis of competitors, encompassing entities such as Faire, FashionGo, and Amazon, was conducted. This appraisal encompassed both direct and indirect rivals. Upon diligent review and assessment, it was evident that these competitors boasted contemporary and uncluttered design systems. We formulated a visual representation and pooled insights from team members to enrich the assessment.


Proposed Solution:

The augmentation of the design system was structured into four pivotal phases:

  • Comprehensive Component and Font Compilation: The initial phase entailed amassing all existing components and font assets.
  • In-depth Review and Analysis: A meticulous inspection of components, icons, buttons, color palettes, spacing, and fonts took place.
  • Refinement of Existing System: The existing design system underwent enhancements and modifications.
  • Creation of Novel Components: Based on requisites within new projects, novel components were conceived and crafted.


Anticipated Outcomes:

The anticipated outcomes of the design system enhancements are manifold:

  • Modern Aesthetic: An overhaul of websites, apps, and dashboards to exude a modern aesthetic.
  • Enhanced User Guidance: The new design system aims to offer users improved guidance through simplicity and minimalism.

Subsequent Phases:

A series of thorough tests were administered on the revised design system across new projects. Any alterations to the website, dashboard, or app were meticulously applied to entire sections. After several months of dedicated efforts, a significant proportion of pages had been successfully updated.



Within this endeavor, the roles undertaken included:

  • UX/UI Design Manager: Steering the overall design strategy and execution.
  • Senior UX Designer: Providing expert insights and hands-on contributions to the design process.